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Distress Oxide Domed Foam Storage

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Hello all!! If you have been with me for a while you know how much I am loving the domed foam blending too from Scrapbook, I gush about them every time I do any blending. The only struggle I have been having is that I have NO idea a good way to store them.

I started trying to attach them to the bottom of the Distress Ink Pads but they were transferring colour all over the bottom of my drawer and that's not something I want. I then tried putting the foams in little baggies and had them in the drawer with the inks... but that also didn't really work, they shifted all over the place, I could never find the foam I wanted.

After all these trials I decided to create my own document with little squares for all my domed foams, Let me walk you through what I did. So all you need to do is download the files, all current 70 Distress Oxide inks are on there with 12 open spaces for the new inks coming out over the year.

After you download the files, I printed them on two pieces of paper, printing on both sides, you could also use two pieces of paper if you had a thinner paper so they were more sturdy. I then laminated them, I just used my Amazon laminator and the sleeves they send with the laminator but you could use any laminator you have. I then took pieces of velcro and cut them into small pieces to stick down in each square. I also like to store them in clear pouches so that no ink gets anywhere in the drawer I keep them in, but that's up to you !! I will try to find all the things I used and link to them so they are easy for you to find. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you find this useful!!

You can download the files here:

Distress Oxides Part 1

Oxides part 1
Download PDF • 400KB

Distress Oxides Part 2

Oxides Part 2
Download PDF • 393KB

Distress Oxides Part 3

Oxides part 3
Download PDF • 401KB

Distress Oxides Part 4

Oxides Part 4
Download PDF • 387KB

I have a short video here for you to check out the one I made!!


Amazon Laminator

HP paper

Domed Foam


Laminating pouches

Clear Storage Folder

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