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Simple Hand Painted Rainbow Watercolour Hearts Mini Slimline Card Tutorial

Thank you so much for joining me for this Simple Hand Painted Rainbow Watercolour Hearts Mini Slimline Card Tutorial, Let's jump right in.

I cut down my cardstock 6x6 inches and scored at the 3-inch mark for the base, a black matte 1/8th of an inch smaller than my base and a piece of cold press watercolour cardstock to 1/8th of an inch smaller than my black matte. I did a quick pencil sketch of how I wanted my hearts laid out and then erased the lines until they were very faint.

I chose a rainbow order of Karin watercolour Brushmarker pros and laid down a layer of clean clear water in the heart then added the colour and moved it around until I was happy, I made sure every heart overlapped so that the colours would mix and create a fun watercolour look. I worked through each heart adding water and colour until I was happy. I did struggle a bit with the red and pink heart as red pigments like to take everything over but I think it turned out pretty in the end.

For some finishing touches, I drew sketchy lines over the hearts to give them a bit more definition, splattered on some Perfect Pearls for added shimmer and shine and brought in some Silver Cyrstal Glitter drops and added them on each heart as a Highlight, then called this card done. I am super happy with how it turned out and I hope you will give this card a shot!!

In side news, I opened my Etsy shop this weekend!! I have a discount code in case anyone wants to order some of my Chunky Floral Alphabet stickers. The Code is THANKYOU10 I hope you will give my shop a look and let me know what you think of the stickers!!

Thank you so much for stopping by for this quick look at my Simple Hand Painted Rainbow Watercolour Hearts Mini Slimline Card Tutorial. If you would like a more in-depth look please check out the video below, I also have a complete supplies list in case you want to know exactly what I used. I hope to see you again very soon!!


White 110lb Cardstock (Base) (SSS) (SB) (Amazon CA) (Amazon USA)

Black Cardstock (SSS) (SB)

Strathmore Cold Press watercolour paper (SSS) (SB)

Score Buddy (SSS)

Teflon bone folder (SSS)

Tim Holtz Remanent Rub on tool (SSS) (SB) (Amazon CA) (Amazon USA)

Tim Holtz Glass media mat (SSS) (SB) (Amazon CA) (Amazon USA)

Tim Holtz paper trimmer (SSS) (SB) (Amazon USA)

Blackwing Pencil (Blick)

Eraser (SSS)

Karin Brushmarker Pro's 60 set (SSS) (Blick)

Karin Brushmarker Pro 11 set (SSS) (Blick)

Red Karin Brushmarker Pro (Blick)

Magenta Karin Brushmarker Pro (Blick)

Rose Pink Karin Brushmarker Pro (Blick)

Amber Karin Brushmarker Pro (Blick)

Canary Karin Brushmarker Pro (Blick)

Grass Karin Brushmarker Pro (Blick)

Cyan Karin Brushmarker Pro (Blick)

Plum Karin Brushmarker Pro (Blick)

Lipstick Red Karin Brushmarker Pro (Blick)

Red Lilac Karin Brushmarker Pro (Blick)

Copic Multi-liners set (SSS) (Blick)

Copic Multi-liner 0.3 (Blick)

Mini Mister (SSS) (SB)

Perfect Pearls Powder (SSS)

Pinch Bowls (Amazon CA) (Amazon USA)

Size 0 Watercolour brush (SSS) (Blick)

Nuvo Deluxe Glue (SSS) (SB)

Nuvo Silver Crystal Glitter Drops (SSS) (SB)

Affiliate links are used whenever possible, and if you use those links I get a small commission at no extra cost. Thank you so much for your support!!

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